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Introducing Tumblr’s next new Pokemon League!

The Meridian League is now open and awaiting challengers.Here you’ll be battling some of the very best, and defeating them proves your skill as a trainer!

Our Amazing Gym Leaders:

Jon: Grass-Type Master!

Manny: Fire-Type Master!

Alec: Water-Type Master!

Rachel: Flying-Type Master!

Kassy: Electric-Type Master!

Toni: Ice-Type Master!

Rory: Rock-Type Master!

Gastrodon: Ground-Type Master!

Salazar: Dragon-Type Master!

Omar: Dark-Type Master!

Alex: Fighting-Type Master!

Kai/Shion: Fairy-Type Master!

We will be playing with this set of rules. If you wish to challenge us, fill out this registration form! We will be accepting challengers Tuesday, August 26th.

If you have any more questions, please shoot an ask to one of our Record Keepers: Sarah, Roy, David, or Luke!

If you can reblog to spread the word, that would be much appreciated! Thank you, and we’ll see you on the battlefield!

Record-Keeper Sarah

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